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From Lukas Lang <>
Subject Re: Eventcache dependency to JMS
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 11:20:05 GMT

I'm sorry for my delayed answer too ;-)

Well, what I'm trying to gain is implementation independent blocks.
I cleaned up the JMS block using Spring provided mechanisms (templates) for message delivery.

The sample block is now based on the ActiveMQ implementation running in embedded
mode (initialized via Spring namespace). For demonstration purpose,
it uses the JMSEventMessageListener component for invalidating cached responses.

As far as I get this, there are no dependencies between eventcache and jms-impl at all?
If we consider (re)placing the JMSEventMessageListener into the jms-sample block,
because it is a concrete subclass of the AbstractMessageListener,
we would get a more satisfying situation.

The way you might go, consists of writing a concrete listener in a separate block,
using whatever other block (e.g. eventcache) you might need.

Can you live with that?


Ard Schrijvers schrieb:
> Hello Lukas,
> Sry for my late respond
>> Hello,
>> I'm wondering, why the eventcache block has dependencies on 
>> the JMS block and not the other way round?
> I do not know what you would win by switching the dependency around. JMS
> seems to me more uncoupled from eventcache then eventcache to jms.
> Perhaps I would like to use JMS listeners, while at the same time I do
> not have any eventcache at all. I would for example just use JMS to...I
> don't know, trigger an email to send...

>> For those who are familiar with these blocks, in my opinion 
>> the JMSEventListener makes use of eventcache capabilities.
>> So I would say, JMS provides callback support via eventcache.
>> What do you think?
> It's been a while for since I last worked with it, and I suppose it is
> targeted for Cocoon 2.2 where my knowledge is mainly 2.1.x, so I might
> be missing something. Anyway, it is not directly clear for me what to
> gain with this dependency switch
> -Ard
>> Regards,
>> Lukas

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