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From Reinhard Pötz <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Corona: A Cocoon subproject
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:44:10 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 20.07.2008 14:17, Reinhard Pötz wrote:
>>> First we should define the mission of this subproject.
>> Corona has two main goals:
>>  1. Become the best platform for RESTful services and
>>     RESTful web applications based on the concept
>>     of pipelines.
>>  2. Provide a generic pipeline Java API with SAX
>>     and STaX based default implementations.
>>> We will need a one-sentence description anyway.
>>> Then the appropriate name should fall out.
>>> I lean towards "Fibre" or "Silk". However because it
>>> might not be the pipeline API that Cocoon uses, then
>>> perhaps some other type of fibre. For example,
>>> "Kapok" - "a fine fibrous cotton-like substance
>>> found surrounding the seeds of a tropical tree".
>>> (Australian Oxford English Dictionary). The term
>>> "Java Kapok" is used, but from my quick search
>>> not in the software industry.
>>> So my proposals are:
>>> Apache Cocoon Kapok
>>> Apache Cocoon Fibre
>> I tend towards Apache (Cocoon) Silk because it is short and easily 
>> pronounceable (in contrast to Fibre) and doesn't sound like Klingon 
>> (Kapok).
>> I don't know if we should add "Cocoon" to the name and have no strong 
>> opinion.
> Is it THAT different that you don't consider calling it Cocoon 3.0 at all?

The main concepts are the same (component based pipelines, sitemaps) but 
we didn't bother to implement them in a backwards-compatible way. 
Corona, as it is today, is more focused (see the list of main goals 
above that we had when we created Corona) and won't become a complete 
replacement for Cocoon 2.x in a foreseeable future.

                                   - o -

Before we make the decision if Corona should become Cocoon 3.0 we should 
learn more what other people think about it. (Currently it's only 3 
people who are using it!) IMO the best way to find this out is by 
shipping alpha releases under a codename. This gives us the freedom to 
decide later without spoiling version numbers.

Reinhard Pötz                           Managing Director, {Indoqa} GmbH

Member of the Apache Software Foundation
Apache Cocoon Committer, PMC member        

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