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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Re: What is Corona?
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2008 22:46:49 GMT
That sounds amazing. So is Cocoon 2.2 going to employ Corona?

>>> 5. Having a serious look into Corona.
>> Forgive my ignorance, but I assume you are not risking blindness or 
>> are intending to drink lots of beer, so what is Corona?
> At Indoqa we have been working on a complete rewrite of Cocoon that we 
> called Corona. The most basic module of Corona is the 
> 'corona-pipeline' module. It is easily embeddable into any Java 
> application because it comes with no dependency but the classes coming 
> with the JRE. Here is an example for the pipeline API:
> Pipeline pipeline = new NonCachingPipeline();
> pipeline.addComponent(new FileGenerator(
>     PipelineTest.class.getResource("/test.xml")));
> pipeline.addComponent(new XSLTTransformer(
>     PipelineTest.class.getResource("/test.xslt")));
> pipeline.addComponent(new XMLSerializer());
> pipeline.execute(null, System.out);
> We also had the chance to tidy up a lot of things because the core of 
> Cocoon isn't easily comprehensible after having been under development 
> for about 7 years.
> On top of corona-pipeline we put the corona-sitemap module. It 
> implements more or less the sitemap language that you know from Cocoon 
> 2.x. Like Cocoon 2.2 the sitemap components are managed by Spring but 
> the dependency on Spring should be easily replaceable because it is 
> hidden behind an interface whose implementation class is really simple.
> The third layer of Corona is the 'corona-servlet' module. It provides 
> a servlet that can be used together with the servlet-service framework.
> From my POV the most important features have been implemented by now. 
> Some things have to be cleaned up and error reporting has to be 
> improved but I'm optimistic that this will happen in the next few 
> weeks. Additionally we will donate another module to Corona that 
> provides a way to implement controller logic for RESTful web 
> applications/services.
> Apparently the two missing things are documentation (I've already 
> started with it) and an alpha-1 release. Of course the latter needs to 
> be discussed by this community. For this purpose I will start a 
> separate thread soon.

Kamal Bhatt

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