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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Import my key into the KEYS file
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 02:02:11 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> David Crossley pisze:
> >Jeroen Reijn wrote:
> >>Thanks Carsten!
> >>
> >>I'll give it a try. If found this message, but it was a but inclear, but 
> >>after reading it 3 times.. I get it. I'll give it a go. Once I commit it 
> >>into SVN will it also appear on the /dist/ or is SVN the only place it 
> >>has to go in?
> >
> >That KEYS file is a separate one to that at the /dist/ directory.
> >Most of the files there are in SVN at
> >
> >but not the KEYS file. It should be, and be kept synchonised
> >with the other one.
> David, could elaborate on this KEYS issue?
> Here is the output of svn st:
> [gkossakowski@minotaur /www/]$ svn st
> ?      bricks-cms
> ?      2.2
> ?      subprojects
> ?      KEYS
> ?      events/gt2004
> It is clear that KEYS is not maintained by SVN. Should this be changed?

Yes, as said above.

Thanks for helping with such stuff.

When faced with issues like this, i often look at
how other projects have done it. Primarily i follow
Apache HTTP Server, being the original project, and
therefore most likely doing the proper stuff. So see:
Also APR because lots of old ASF hands there. So see:
Apache Forrest will also give some clues, as when i
set it up as a top-level project i reviewed many other
existing practices.

There are also notes about KEYS and such in the
"Guide for new committers" and "Release signing"

Also Henk's guide says to put your own key at

> As for now I'm going to just replace this file with newer version I'm going 
> to commit right now.

That is fine as a temporary measure, and will bring that
static file up-to-date.


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