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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Corona: A Cocoon subproject
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 03:12:45 GMT
Reinhard P?tz wrote:
> Dear Cocoon PMC,
> as I said in a separate thread recently, it's time for Corona to move 
> out of the whiteboard of Cocoon in order to increase its visibility and 
> to allow releases. Corona has reached a state where it is already useful 
> but there is a lot of room for others to enhance and improve it.
> So far Corona has been developed by Steven and me (+ some additions by 
> Carsten recently) which doesn't qualify for being a diverse community. 

By my standards, all the people who have helped to
discuss it are part of the community.

> In order to change this I want to propose Corona to become a subproject 
> of Cocoon under the oversight of the Cocoon PMC.
> For that purpose I think that it would be a good idea to follow the
> procedure of the Incubator and nominate at least 2 additional PMC
> members who help us to grow the community and do all the legal checks 
> when Corona is released (I'd love to see a alpha-1 release this summer.)
> Therefore I kindly want to ask two other Cocoon PMC members to
> become mentors for Corona and help to get it going.

I don't see the need. Cocoon PMC are the mentors
and have oversight. Anyone, including non-PMC,
can speak up at any time.

> I also propose that Corona is being moved to
> The initial set of
> committers should consist of Carsten, Steven and me - every Cocoon 
> committer can get write access by simply asking for it on this list.

I would prefer that all Cocoon committers have
default commit ability.

> Additionally I'd also like to see a separate Jira project for Corona.
> Are there any objections if ask infra in behalf of the Cocoon PMC to
> create one for us?

That can happen independently, as soon as the name
is decided. Would it be COCOON-SOMETHING ?

> Finally this brings me to my last question: Do we want or do we have to
> change the name "Corona"? For the legal part of this question, who can I
> ask to get a final yes or no?

The Apache Incubator docs should have some guidelines
about this topic, since this issue often arises there.
The Incubator general mail list would have lots of
examples of people struggling with this issue, and hence
guidance from ASF members.

A quick search found these docs:

See any project's "Status report"
The first item on their "Incubation work items"
is to be sure that the name is okay. e.g.
The instruction says:
 "Make sure that the requested project name does not
 already exist and check to be sure
 that the name is not already trademarked for an
 existing software product."

A quick search for "corona software java" shows some
high profile software products.

First we should define the mission of this subproject.
We will need a one-sentence description anyway.
Then the appropriate name should fall out.

I lean towards "Fibre" or "Silk". However because it
might not be the pipeline API that Cocoon uses, then
perhaps some other type of fibre. For example,
"Kapok" - "a fine fibrous cotton-like substance
found surrounding the seeds of a tropical tree".
(Australian Oxford English Dictionary). The term
"Java Kapok" is used, but from my quick search
not in the software industry.

So my proposals are:
Apache Cocoon Kapok
Apache Cocoon Fibre

We should consider another possibility. If it
does not have any hope of being the/a pipeline
API for Cocoon, then perhaps it should go
completely to Apache Incubator to become its
own project. I would prefer that it stay here.


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