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Jeremy is actually integrating Dojo 1.1 into cforms. I think he is doing that in the 2.1.12dev branch and in trunk. It would be great, if you could join forces with jeremy to have dojo 1.1 integrated into the next cocoon release :-)

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12.06.2008 09:54
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CForms and Dojo

Hi there,
I am still using Cocoon 2.1.9 and was wandering if the version of dojo used for CForms in Ajax-Mode is used in 2.1.10 and 2.2? Since my current application is currently using a lot of Dojo 1.1 Stuff and I was sort of annoyed of the problem having to use dojo 0.4 and 1.1 together, I started creating my own forms-styling.xsl, which does the same as the original cocoon version, instead it uses dojo 1.1 with all its advanced features. It is currently working nicely.
Does Cocoon in a version greater than 2.1.9 still use Dojo 0.4? If yes, it might be interesting for me to clean up my xslt and give it to the cocoon guys (It looks a lot nicer).
While working on the Dojo 1.1 integration I found out that none of the validation-information is passed to the fi-stuff … it would be great if this information was forwarded here, cause I could additionally use the Dojo client-side validation in addition to the server-side validation of CForms (I know this doesn’t work for all validators) reducing some client-server-roundtrips.
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