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From "Ard Schrijvers" <>
Subject Event validities in (event)caching pipelines
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 13:48:13 GMT

Unfortunately, I am not aware about Cocoon 2.2.x specific
(event)caching, but will it use a similar caching strategy as Cocoon
2.1.x or is this still under discussion? Also, I am not sure wether the
webdav block, or event validities will be used/supported in Cocoon
2.2.x. If not, this mail is pretty much redundant for those using Cocoon

Though, for those using the webdav block, or any other transformer
making use of event validities in event caching pipelines in combination
with 2.1.x, did somebody ever experience some concurrency problems with
the webdav transformer? We had some issues regarding the
WebDAVTransformer which started me thinking about how event validities
are used within a transformer in event caching pipelines. Basically,
IMO, the use of event validities in a transformer like it is for example
in the WebDAVTransformer is flawed. There is no unique place for
validation of cached responses anymore, leading to possible cached
pipelines which use old cached responses which should have been evicted
by an event (they still are evicted, but the calling pipeline caches the
old response it got before the eviction, while it was still in cache,
embedding an EventValidity, in other words, having a valid old cached
response which is never validated again anymore), for example jms. 

Anyway, before diving into deep, perhaps there are no more living souls
using the WebDAVTransformer and EventValidity's at all, or are not
interested anyway, but, OTOH, if somebody is having these headaches
about some unpredictable WebDAVTransformer behavior, I might be able to
help out. Just let me know,


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