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From Antonio Gallardo <>
Subject Re: Avoiding OutOfMemory Errors by limiting data in pipeline
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 16:16:44 GMT
Hi Joerg,

I am +1.

One question, what are supposed to be the default values for both 

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

Joerg Heinicke escribió:
> On 27.04.2008 23:43, Joerg Heinicke wrote:
>>> 2. Does the full amount of the buffer automatically get allocated 
>>> for each request, or does it grow gradually based on the xml stream 
>>> size?
>>> I have a lot of steps in the pipeline, so I am worried about the 
>>> impact of creating too many buffers even if they are relatively 
>>> small. A 1 Meg buffer might be too much if it is created for every 
>>> element of every pipeline for every request.
>> That's a very good question - with a negative answer: A buffer of 
>> that particular size is created initially. That's why I want to bring 
>> this issue up on dev again: With my changes for COCOON-2168 [1] it's 
>> now not only a problem for applications with over-sized downloads but 
>> potentially for everyone relying on Cocoon's default configuration. 
>> One idea would be to change our BufferedOutputStream implementation 
>> to take 2 parameters: one for the initial buffer size and one for the 
>> flush size. The flush treshold would be the configurable 
>> outputBufferSize, the initial buffer size does not need to be 
>> configurable I think.
>> What do other think?
> No interest or no objections? :)
> Joerg

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