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From Luca Morandini <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release Cocoon 2.2-final
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 22:24:20 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> Luca Morandini wrote:
>> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>> I've prepared the artifacts for the release of Cocoon 2.2 final. 
>> There is much room for improvement in the doc though: don't you think 
>> it should be improved before release ?
> What's your plan?

Well, let's wargame the thing:

1) The community releases 2.2.
2) Hopefully, a lot of people would download it and try the tutorials, 
(which are good) and people would find it easy to get into Cocoon.
3) A few people would venture deeper, looking at the components' doc and 
trying things not covered by the tutorials (like I did).
4) They would find that many components have no doc available (though 
most are unchanged from 2.1) and some doc is outdated (for instance, I 
had to fix the CForms sample, otherwise it would not have worked in 2.2).
5) Some of them would find the answers they need in the Javadoc, or send 
messages to the list, or look into the source code.
6) Some of them, regretfully, would simply find Cocoon too hard to learn 
and drop it.

Now, I'd try to avoid people doing 6 by combing the doc and setting it 
on a par with the 2.1 doc.

Actually, since it took so long in the making, I suspect people expect a 
polished product, in both code and doc.

On a more general note, it would be nice to send this message: "Cocoon 
2.2 is a major rewrite: now the old dog is highly modular, Spring-ified, 
Mavenized, but still more flexible than Struts 2 or Webflow and far more 
powerful and clean than Wicket or JSF"... but we need better doc for 
this, I presume.


    Luca Morandini

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