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From "Andrew Savory" <>
Subject 2.2 Docs (was Re: [vote] Release Cocoon 2.2-final)
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 08:41:03 GMT

(Changing subject, starting new thread. Please, when an email says
'this thread is for votes only', try to respect that!)

On 03/04/2008, Luca Morandini <> wrote:
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > We might not get some new users because of bad docs, but we might get
> people really interested in a new Cocoon.
> >
>  Does it mean we already gave up with attracting new users ?
>  What's the "mission" of 2.2 then ?

No, releasing without complete docs does not mean giving up on
attracting new users. There have been many initiatives over the years
to improve our docs but ultimately the problem remains: writing docs
is hard and boring, and people are rarely willing to do this on a
voluntary basis.

We should accept this and get 2.2 out the door (honestly, I think
delaying it further will lose more users than not having sufficient
docs) and then if we can, turn some of the energy of this debate into
writing docs. Better yet, let's be diligent in taking questions on the
mailing lists and turning them into FAQs/documentation, and improve
the docs that way.

Or if anyone knows a good technical author who might be willing to
participate in GSoC, please speak now!


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