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From "Saskia Heesen" <>
Subject javaflow / URL of jar
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 10:18:43 GMT
Hello everybody!

I would like to use javaflow from Cocoon 2.2 since javaflow offers more ways to test the code
than flowscript. When I run the example I get the error message:

2008-04-16 11:18:13,839 ERROR http-8080-Processor25 org.apache.commons.javaflow.bytecode.StackRecorder
- stack corruption. Is class instrumented for
java.lang.IllegalStateException: stack corruption. Is class
instrumented for javaflow?

I think the main difference between Cocoon 2.1 and Cocoon 2.2 regarding javaflow is that javaflow
is now based on commons.javaflow. commons.javaflow needs an enhancement of these classes,
that are part of the continuation. So,  we can't use the default system class loader. However,
commons.javaflow provides an appropriate ContinuationClassLoader. as part of cocoon-javaflow-impl still uses the default system class loader:

final Class clazz = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().loadClass(clazzName);
My idea is to replace it by ContinuationClassLoader

ClassLoader cl = new ContinuationClassLoader(
   new URL[]{new URL("latter.jar")},

"latter.jar" is not the correct jar file. I only know the classname:
2008-04-16 11:18:08,706 DEBUG http-8080-Processor25
- loading

I don't know how to get the concerning URL of the jar-archive (path and name). Do you know
an easy way to get the URL of the archive? The URL depends on the webcontainer, too.

Kind regards

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