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From "Peter Hunsberger" <>
Subject Re: Releasing Cocoon 2.2, finally!
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 15:06:39 GMT
On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 7:58 AM, Reinhard Poetz <> wrote:
>  It's time to release Cocoon 2.2, finally!

Good news indeed.

> We have been working on it for years
>  and I think it's time to ship the *final* release. I want to do this in three
>  phases:
>  1) During the first phase I will release our two sub-projects "Cocoon
>  Configuration" and "Cocoon Servlet-Service-Framework". This time I will create
>  the Maven 2 release artifacts and "normal" zip/tar release artifacts for
>  non-Maven users.

Can you explain exactly what the difference is between these?

>  I think that I will be able to finish it by the end of next week.
>  2) The second phase is Cocoon Core and all the blocks that were released as
>  release candidates.

Can you explain how this differs from the first two?  I think I know, but..

> Additionally I want to release the Cocoon Maven plugin
>  (milestone 2), the Cocoon integration test framework (milestone 1), our
>  archetypes and a starter package for non-Maven users.
>  Again, this time I will create "normal" zip/tar release artifacts, except those
>  cases where it doesn't make sense (e.g. the Maven plugin, the POM artifacts and
>  the archetypes).
>  I think that I will manage to finish this work by the end of March.

Guess the biggest question is what will the minimal package be to get started?

>  3) The third phase is releasing our samples. It would be great if somebody else
>  could help out with this task because I don't know if I will have the necessary
>  cycles anytime soon. I guess that there is some work left in order to get this
>  done and there are a couple of things to be discuessed before:

We'll need to package up our own code to drop into the base but really
we wouldn't need the samples for any other reason than to get ides on
the best way to do this....

>   . What do we want to ship? A WAR file only, or a WAR file + a pre-configured
>     Jetty packaged as ZIP, etc?

Are the above "release" artifacts separate downloads?  I think I'd
like to see the basic minimal WAR for people who need nothing else and
a complete Zip of everything you could possibly want for those who
don't want to do multiple downloads.

>   . Do we ship snapshots of our blocks and samples? Or the released blocks and
>     the snapshots of the samples? Or do we want to release our samples offically?
>   . Are there any open legal issues? (e.g. we have to make sure that all the
>     licenses of 3-party libs are added, etc.)
>   . Or, should we only provide nightly snapshots of our samples? (though we would
>     still have to check what this means legally for us ...)
>   . etc.

Ideally I'd love to see each sample as a separate download  complete
with some way of tracking version updates, but initially I'd settle
for a single download.

>  I know that there are still open isses but I don't see any blockers. Since this
>  will probably be the last time when our sub-projects, core and a lot of blocks
>  are released together, I think it will be easy to ship upgrades of one module as
>  soon as we have something better available without having to wait for all the
>  rest getting stable.
>  As soon as I'm ready for the actual release work, I will announce a partly code
>  freeze of our repository.

 +1 :-)

Peter Hunsberger

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