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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Javaflow - major memory issue
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 07:43:57 GMT
On 28.03.2008 04:55, Torsten Curdt wrote:

>> The output I showed pointed to 
>> which only seems 
>> to exist in Cocoon 2.1. Nothing unsets the context there.
> Hah - well spotted!
>> Having a look into the code continuations are only handled by 
>> JavaInterpreter. There are two methods callFunction(..) and 
>> handleContinuation(..) calling Continuation.registerThread() and 
>> deregisterThread() in a finally block. From a brief look I have no 
>> idea if I can just unset the ContinuationContext there as well. You 
>> might know more about it.
> We should add a try/finally block in Continuation.suspend() that clears 
> the context after a suspend. That should fix it.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to unset the ContinuationContext 
completely. It's needed in JavaInterpreter.handleContinuation(..) when a 
child continuation is created:

   Continuation parentContinuation =
       (Continuation) parentwk.getContinuation();
   ContinuationContext parentContext =
       (ContinuationContext) parentContinuation.getContext();
   ContinuationContext context = new ContinuationContext();

Without completely rewriting it the only thing I did was to remove the 
data in the ContinuationContext that is not necessary. I do this by an 
extra call to ContinuationContext.onSuspend() in AbstractContinuable 
since Continuation is not aware of the implementation of its context 
(it's just an Object).

Please review my changes [1] because I'm not really sure about them. 
They work for the normal case, but what happens in an error case? I 
can't see what's really going on except that the method is left on 
Continuation.suspend() ... It was very interesting to debug it when 
AbstractContinuable.sendPageAndWait(..) was actually hit twice.

I guess this handling is different in 2.2. There a clean 
ContinuationContext is created on both callFunction(..) and 



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