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From Rainer Pruy <Rainer.P...@Acrys.COM>
Subject Re: Layered software designs
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 21:47:42 GMT

Reinhard Poetz schrieb:
> Dev at weitling wrote:
>> But (maybe I have missed some mails) how do you want to make this
>> Pipeline API?
>> E.g. a SAX-based pipeline is something different than image data
>> running through several filters. How do you want to prevent the use of
>> a SAX-events generating component together with an image data
>> transformer? What about something like it's used in clipboards: each
>> component offers a list of importable and exportable formats?
> See
> Do the explanations that this mail answer your question?

They answer a number of questions.

Nevertheless, the question of connection "type" is still open.

Ok, the answer given is "it is up to the components to ensure compatibility".

However, what does this mean practically?
Will there be different "Interfaces" for different type of data to e processed.
(SAX events will use SAX interfaces, image data will use others)

Or will there be some "tagging" where a component be asked for a list of "types" it will be
able to process?
(An image "resizer" will state "PNG JPEG and GIF" as being acceptable inputs for consumer
side and "PNG" the type being produced, or
something along?) And compatibility will be assumed if a linked pair of producer and consumer
share a common "tag" string?

Thus answering the "type" question might effect back to the API definitions...


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