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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Layered software designs
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 12:13:38 GMT
On 27.03.2008 02:25, Steven Dolg wrote:

>>> What I want to see is a concise pipeline API that comes with only 
>>> little overhead in terms of its learning curve and its dependencies 
>>> on third-party software. Usually this means that we stick with 
>>> standard APIs as much as possible - and I think this rule applies for 
>>> our situation too.
>> See, one thing that I just don't get (and already asked) is how the 
>> pipeline API has anything to do with uri resolving. For me the latter 
>> (using or source resolve) is an implementation detail. Our 
>> current pipeline interface [1] has no relationship to uri resolving. 
>> It only has a reference to SourceValidity because of caching [2].
>> If all this discussion is about removing this method (and the related 
>> getKeyForEventPipeline()) to get rid of this dependency I'm ok with 
>> it. The caching concern could be implemented in a separate Cacheable 
>> interface which should then also be decoupled from uri resolving 
>> (which seems to point to Peter's approach [3]).
> Just as a general observation:
> I'm starting to believe that I do not understand (anymore) what this is 
> all about.
> We're jumping from high-level concepts ("caching", "layering") straight 
> down to the lowest level ("it's just method a in class B") and then 
> right back.

I have had the same problem from the beginning [1] and expressed it in 
my question above again. What is this discussion about - if uri 
resolving has nothing to do with the pipeline API? And what do we win 
when replacing source resolve with except that we have one less 
dependency - when nobody really gets in contact with uri resolving 
anyway? I have only received half an answer to only the second question 
(standard API). Only then I started to look at the relationship between 
uri resolving and pipeline API and found only this one reference to the 
source resolve package.



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