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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Layered software designs
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 13:36:41 GMT

Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> Dev at weitling wrote:
>> But (maybe I have missed some mails) how do you want to make this 
>> Pipeline API?
>> E.g. a SAX-based pipeline is something different than image data 
>> running through several filters. How do you want to prevent the use 
>> of a SAX-events generating component together with an image data 
>> transformer? What about something like it's used in clipboards: each 
>> component offers a list of importable and exportable formats?
> See
> Do the explanations that this mail answer your question?

Quote from the text:
"We hope that this gives you enough hints in order to understand Corona. 
We are
very interested in further discussions. So fire at will!"

My Answer: Great work!
And yes, it answered my questions :-)

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