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From Lukas Lang <>
Subject Re: [GSoC_2008] Project ideas
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 17:14:12 GMT
>> Yesterday I was introduced to an Austrian student who would be 
>> interested in
>> working on a GSoC for the Cocoon project this year.
>> The best idea we've had so far was was an upgrade of cForms to Dojo 
>> 1.x (or
>> replacing it with something else if that is what the community is 
>> interested in).
>> Any other suggestions? (the deadline for project proposals is Monday, 
>> 17th of March)

hey everybody,

i'm the student, who's interested in participating in a GSoC cocoon-project.
two days ago i had a conversation with Reinhard and as i read on the list,
he told me raising CForms from Dojo 0.4 upto Dojo 1.1 as a GSoC project would not be the best
way to do so,
due to Jeremy's work on this.

he pointed out that several blocks and related examples yet don't work in cocoon-2.2 and
a great part of cocoon's users would take advantage of porting frequently used, cohesive blocks
to version 2.2.

migrating the following blocks could be a realistic aim:

- cocoon-eventcache
- cocoon-jms
- cocoon-webdav
- cocoon-repository

my suggestion would consist of:

- creating a test-environment
- writing integration tests
- replacing avalon by spring
- making existing samples work
- developing new samples

what do you think?


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