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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [2.2] Forms dependency on Ajax block
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 05:40:06 GMT
On 13.03.2008 16:20, Luca Morandini wrote:

>> This means that Forms must depend on Ajax (Dojo to be more precise) 
>> despite the fact you use Ajax or not.

This is not quite true I think. Forms used to have two different 
stylesheets: forms-field-styling.xsl and 
forms-advanced-field-styling.xsl. The first was a "pure" implementation, 
the second one used JS-enabled widgets.

> Which is a departure from 2.1.9, which, IIRC, worked even with 
> Javascript disabled on the browser.

I don't think Forms used to work without Javascript. There have always 
been onload handlers as far as I remember, but for the general idea, 
yes, it seems this has changed. If we are migrating to Dojo 1.0 that is 
definitely one of the requirements I'd like to see being addressed. 
Forms should work without Dojo. Dojo might be a requirement for 
Ajax-enabled though. GoogleMap should definitely be moved to advanced 
field stylesheet.

> I presume that a way to disentangle forms and ajax blocks would be to 
> make two different forms-field-styling.xsl (one with Javascript and/or 
> Ajax, the other without Javascript), loaded conditionally on ajax="true" 
> by forms-samples-styling.xsl.

As I wrote that was originally the idea between forms-field-styling.xsl 
and forms-advanced-field-styling.xsl. We should get back to this separation.

> Why I'm making such a plea ?
> Well, the use of non-Javascript forms is a requirement for making 
> websites accessible, which is a mandatory for governmental websites in 
> Italy.

I don't quite agree with it, Javascript does not necessarily prevent 
accessibility. I'm not too familiar with all the accessibility 
requirements but for example the tabs we have in Forms should be fine, 
aren't they?


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