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From Karel Vervaeke <>
Subject SVGSerializer for Batik 1.7
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 10:12:56 GMT
Hi, due to circumstances I had to create a SVGSerializer that works with
Batik 1.7.  You can find it in the Daisy codebase [0] - feel free to add
it to Cocoon if you think it is functional enough.


* AbstractDOMSerializer is based on AbstractDOMTransformer.
* SVGSerializer is based on the old SVGSerializer

There is an extra DOM-to-SAX round because I could not figure out how to
use Batik's SAXDocumentFactory as a ContentHandler (It does not look
like it was meant to be used as a ContentHandler even though it
implements the ContentHandler interface)

Note that I only needed it to generate PNG's so much remains untested


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