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From Gabriel Gruber <>
Subject Change of default value for "validate" attribute on <fd:submit>?
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 23:36:59 GMT

I noticed a change in behavior of cforms lately.  the submit widget now 
has "false" as default value for the "validate" attribute (opposed to the 
documenation which says, true is the default value). This really breaks 
our application.  After backporting vadim's fixes for the concurrency bugs 
we discovered to cforms 2.1.10, we also "migrated" this new behavior to 
our cforms version.

here is the code, which has an extra if statement in comparision to 

public final class SubmitDefinitionBuilder extends ActionDefinitionBuilder 

    public WidgetDefinition buildWidgetDefinition(Element widgetElement, 
WidgetDefinitionBuilderContext context)
    throws Exception {
        SubmitDefinition definition = new SubmitDefinition();
        setupDefinition(widgetElement, definition, context);

        // parse "@validate"
        if (widgetElement.hasAttribute("validate")) {
"validate", true));

        return definition;

Is there any reason, why the behavior was changed and if it was a 
accident, could someone revert the code inside the repos to the old 

thanx alot!

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