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From Gabriel Gruber <>
Subject Re: Change of default value for "validate" attribute on <fd:submit>?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:22:17 GMT
Hello Joerg,
you are right. I took SubmitDefinitionBuilder but not SubmitDefinition, 
which obviously was the problem.
so behavior is consistent in 2.2 and 2.1.12, but was simply my 
"backporting" which introduced the bug.
Mag. Gabriel Gruber
Senior Consultant
Workflow EDV GmbH, Dannebergplatz 6/23, A-1030 Wien

Joerg Heinicke <> 
12.02.2008 02:42
Please respond to


Re: Change of default value for "validate" attribute on <fd:submit>?

On 11.02.2008 18:36, Gabriel Gruber wrote:

> I noticed a change in behavior of cforms lately.  the submit widget now 
> has "false" as default value for the "validate" attribute (opposed to 
> documenation which says, true is the default value).

In general just raise an issue at Jira - even though it might turn out 
invalid at the end. I did it this time [1] - before starting 
investigation. Otherwise I would not have created it since it is 
probably not an issue: Did you take recent SubmitDefinitionBuilder as is 
for the concurrency issue, but not SubmitDefinition?



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