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Subject Re: svn commit: r606743 - /cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X/tools/targets/webapp-build.xml
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2008 20:19:28 GMT
> Now, I'll not comment on all of this, but I still have a few comments:
> a) you still did not come up with a use case or a sample for the need of
> this patch.
> b) all your patches actually broke the build as they copied way too
> much, for instance the samples and test-suit dir should only be copied
> if they are not excluded during the build.
> c) I just applied a patch which should do what you want to do without
> breaking the build.
> d) I guess that there will be more maintenance releases of 2.1.x - so
> 2.1.11 won't be the last.
> e) The timing for applying this patch and the way it was done was
> not...well...optimal.
> f) I'll now continue with preparing the release.
> Thanks
> Carsten Ziegeler

a)  The documentation does not explain how to create an application.
The "samples" application is in the src/webapp directory.  Placing new
applications in the same directory is a reasonable assumption for
developers not discouraged by the lack of instructions.
- The use case is to add a simple (no Java) Cocoon application, build, and run.
- Would you please link to a good example of what information is
expected with proposed improvements?
- OT: My new application includes Java code.  My guesswork did not
discover how the standard build could compile the code, so I wrote a
separate process.  This cannot be the expected practice.

b) That is why having an experienced Cocoon Committer involved is a
very good thing.
c) You included my suggestion and improved the existing code.  Good job.
d) Good.  Cocoon-2.2 is still not officially completed.
e) My apologies.  I try to be helpful.  I was not ready to commit
other people's patches from Jira, but I felt I should close my own
issues in preparation for the new release.  I thought the worst case
was the change would be reverted if someone found a problem.
f) Thank you for your work.

Thank you for your time and patience with me,

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