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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Spring SQLTransformer
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 22:55:40 GMT
Saskia Heesen pisze:
> Hello all,

Hello Saskia.

> in Cocoon 2.1.x, I really like the SQLTransfomer since it provides easy access to databases.
> However, I had some problems using it in Cocoon 2.2. The SQLTransformer in Cocoon 2.2
seems to
> use avalon components even though Spring is the favorite component model.

I guess you haven't seen this[1] document?

> As I understand Craig Walls, Spring in Action, the major approach for database access
is to
> configure a data source. Springs seems not to have a DatasourceComponent like Avalon.
So I
> adapted the existing SQLTransformer and built a SpringSQLTransformer. Enclosed you will
find the
> source code, bean configuration, and a sample containing a sitemap calling the
> SpringSQLTransformer and two ways to configure the bean. local-springContext-1.xml is
> configuration for a datasource that is provided by the application server (e.g. Tomcat).
> lcoal-springContext-2.xml is a bean configuration for a connection pool using Jakarta
> Connection Pools jars.
> What's your opinion to the SpringSQLTransformer? Can it be part of the database-block?

I cannot review your code because I'm very short on my free time at the moment but I'll do
it in
two-three days. Meanwhile I would like to say that I already had plans (only in my head) to
Databases block 2.0 that would include following changes:

  * remove database actions
  * migrate SQLTransformer, DatabaseReader and rest of the components to Spring completely
  * include support for jDBI as an easy way for building simple CRUD applications (most of
needed code I have already written for my own purposes)
  * dropped support for Databases bridge

In order to stay in a harmony with our deprecation policies I would just release Databases
containing databases action deprecated.

There I would find place for your SpringSQLTransformer provided it's good enough for inclusion.

Any folks interested in Databases 2.0? I haven't been speaking about it already because I'm
with other things but I would be happy to help if someone else would like to pick up this


Grzegorz Kossakowski
Committer and PMC Member of Apache Cocoon

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