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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Repository block and C2.2
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 03:03:20 GMT
On 02.01.2008 11:26 Uhr, Robin Wyles wrote:

> Looking at the pom I don't see any version numbers, but the dependencies 
> seem to be:
> cocoon-core
> cocoon-eventcache-impl
> excalibur-datasource
> servlet-api

 From what I know in this case these versions are in the parent POM. And 
all these dependencies should be releases. You might need to convert 
cocoon-eventcache-impl first though - or get rid of the dependency. It 
was always quite big dependency tree for repository block if I remember 
correctly. See 2.1 [1].

>> For final I would like to see some samples (repository block lacks 
>> any) and at least minimal coverage by tests.

Grek is really pushing hard for getting better test coverage :)

> Me too, after going through your points below my plan is to write 
> initial tests for SourceRepository to test all repository operations 
> using a local file:// based repository.
> Ultimately I would like to see this block springified (sprung?) too - I 
> envisage us creating our own Repository implementations and would much 
> prefer to do this using Spring.

I wonder if we are going the same way as for forms block: 1.0 for the 
2.2-converted block, 1.1 for the next step, the springification. This 
means we should do this migration in 2 steps.

>> I think that the best strategy would be to create configuration of 
>> sitemap components in order to
>> get them running then try to run rest of components.
> Will do this and set up some tests for these components - I'm still 
> figuring out how some of the other components in this block are used and 
> so how they can be tested.
>> I guess it's not that much work left in order to prepare first 
>> milestone release of repository block
>> but having even few samples would be highly appreciated.
> I'll report back after I've taken a look at the above and will hopefully 
> have an idea of what the samples could contain.

Maybe it does not make much sense to have samples for this block, 
especially if it does only provide basic functionality. I don't know the 
scope of the repository block though. But maybe it's up to blocks like 
webdav to provide the actual samples. The test coverage is probably more 



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