I think this is a really great idea. In the past months, I have been working with AJAX-RESTful architectures. For instance, I have mixed Ext js [1] with Cocoon 2.2 as XML provider and SOAP Web Services as services provider.

Although, I think Cocoon 2.2 is a too big stuff if only it´s dedicated to produce XML. A "microCocoon" could be a goog idea.



[1] http://extjs.com/

On Dec 5, 2007 3:16 PM, Reinhard Poetz <reinhard@apache.org> wrote:
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
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>> For me those are the reasons why I said that I have changed the camp
>> and think that Stefano was right with his opinion that traditional web
>> frameworks would become obsolete. But, in contrast to him, I think
>> that Cocoon, which in some respect isn't 'traditional' at all, can
>> become the ideal server-side counterpart for such RESTful web
>> applications.
> Interesting! Can you elaborate on why you think Cocoon is great for
> RESTful applications? Is it because of its URL pattern matching features?

That's one half of the story. The other one is XML pipelines and content
aggregation on an XML level (XML plays in many RESTful architectures an
important role, at least in ours) which make Cocoon still very appealing to me.
Actually all three together are the virus that has infected me long time ago at
the good old Cocoon 2.0alphaX days.

                                      - o -

Recently I've been thinking more and more about some kind of "Micro-Cocoon"[*]
that consists of

 o a slimmed-down sitemap language available in as an XML and as a Java dialect
   (no component declarations, no sub-sitemaps, no resources, merged
 o a controller implementation that is optimized for being used in RESTful
   scenarios (similar to Apples) and
 o a lean forms framework that borrows some ideas from Webforms 2.0 and
   follows the principles of REST. Daniel and I had some discussions about it in
   Rome and I've started with some experiments but don't have anything
   substantial so far.

All the parts mentioned above should be useable in parallel with a
traditional Cocoon 2.2 application. Thanks to the servlet-service framework this
shouldn't be too hard to be achieved.

If this sounds interesting to anybody, just let me know.

[*] borrowing the term "micro" from Bertrand who used it for a slimmed down
version of Sling which seems to be another (too) huge beast in the webapp
framework arena.

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