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Subject Re: svn commit: r606743 - /cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X/tools/targets/webapp-build.xml
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 07:47:48 GMT
On 12/27/07, Carsten Ziegeler <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > Cocoon-2.1 keeps applications ("samples") in the webapp directory.
> > Newbies would expect to add applications to that directory.  The build
> > process chooses specific files and directories to copy so new
> > applications are not copied to the build directory.  The patch removed
> > the list of specific files to copy the entire webapp directory.  I
> > closed my Cocoon jiras because a release candidate for Cocoon-2.1.11
> > is being prepared.
> >
> > Antonio asked whether ant:copy had the intelligence to understand
> > binary files should not be affected by text replacement.  I have not
> > studied ant to discover if the program is sane.
> >
> > This change passed my testing in May.  The jira from June survived
> > without comments.  None of the comments in this thread mention real
> > problems.  The discussion is that nobody trusts ant to work properly
> > so this patch should be reverted because theoretical problems may
> > result if the ant developers are poor programmers.  Nobody on the
> > Cocoon project wants to spend five minutes testing.
> >
> > I will test more after somebody spends one minute to define the test
> > expected to fail because of this patch.   The potential bug seems to
> > require binary files containing strings on ant's filter list.
> >
> As Vadim has responded again: filtering should not be done on all files,
> otherwise they get corrupted. And this means whenever you copy a
> complete directory tree, you have to copy these files without filtering
> and if you need filtering for specific files, you need to do this in a
> second pass. This has been repeatedly said in this thread, so it would
> be great if you could come up with a solution that honours this.
> And this is independent from the fact, that currently copying all the
> files with filtering on does not corrupt them - it is a potential cause
> of error we would like to avoid.

Ant allowing text filtering to affect binary files should be posted as
a data-damaging bug.  If this functionality is that bad, the Cocoon
project is correct to not trust ant.

> Apart from that, I'm still wondering what your patch is trying to
> achieve? I really hope that you are not putting your own webapp into a
> Cocoon src directory and then hope for the cocoon build to pick up your
> files? You claim that newbies want to put their stuff directly into the
> Cocoon src/webapp directory? I never heard of this and actually I would
> strongly suggest against doing so. The old way of copying the webapp
> files actually prevented people from doing this - and I really prefer to
> keep it this way. There are several much better ways of building own
> applications.

I believe software should be easy.  The easiest and most common method
of learning a new platform is to copy the demonstration application.
Cocoon's demonstration application is "samples".  Copy "samples" to
"myfirstapp".  Build.  "myfirstapp" application does not work or even
exist.  Cocoon seems difficult and loses a customer.

Why would you want to discourage putting applications in the
src/webapp directory.  Cocoon clearly recommends that as the proper
directory.  That is where the demonstration application is located.
That is the only directory named "app".  Where else would anybody
expect applications to be placed?

> Regarding your Jira issue: just because noone commented on it over the
> last months does not mean that this one got happily accepted by
> everyone. I guess it's just an oversight, I - for instance - didn't
> notice this issue until you changed the code.

Nobody does.  Don't worry about it.

> And, our build system is a very very fragile piece of code that caused
> way too many problems over the past (one of the reasons why we changed
> this for 2.2) - so it's in general not a good idea to change this
> fragile piece just before a release.
> Carsten

I committed/closed my Cocoon jiras as soon as I learned a Cocoon
release was planned.  This may be the final release of Cocoon-2.1 so
every change must be committed or discarded.


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