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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Micro-Cocoon
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2007 17:27:58 GMT
Reinhard Poetz skrev:
> We at Indoqa have started to think about working on a slimmed down 
> version of Cocoon 2.2 ("Micro-Cocoon"). By doing this we pursue a couple 
> of goals:
>  o increase the maintainability of Cocoon
>    (Cocoon 2.2 is already a big improvement but still too complicated
>     in some areas)
>  o optimize Cocoon for the development of RESTful services
>  o enable the usage of pipelines via a Java API
>  o make Cocoon pipelines/sitemaps ready for the usage in OSGi environments
>  o aspect-oriented profiling of pipelines
>  o build upon the servlet-service-framework so that this reduced version
>    can be run in parallel with a 2.2 application (in order to save already
>    made investments)
>  o reduce the dependencies to external libraries to a minimum
>  o sitemaps as Spring bean definitions (mid-term goal)
>  o pull pipelines (long-term goal)
> In order to reach these goals we want to start off with existing code, 
> but then continue with removing
>  o all dependencies on Avalon/Excalibur
>  o the support for sub-sitemaps (no map:mount)
>  o the support for sitemap-level components (no map:components)
>  o the support for the cocoon-protocol
>  o map:resource
>  o map:view
> Having said this, I want to mention that, for us, the Micro-Cocoon 
> effort is a feasability study, that we will conduct over the next 8 
> weeks. However, in order to make it not only based on theoretical 
> assumptions, we also want to touch code. Since we think that this might 
> be of interest for others too, we would like to work into a public 
> repository, preferably the Cocoon whiteboard.
> We have also invited Grek who will come to Vienna for a couple of days 
> and will support us with his expertise. Based on the result of the 
> study, we will decide if/how we will continue.
> I know, that as I'm a Cocoon committer, I'm free to add anything which 
> is somehow related to Cocoon to the whiteboard without asking before, 
> but in this case I'm not sure about the impact on our community if we 
> start off another effort on "improving" Cocoon (2.2 still hasn't reached 
> a final release yet).
> Is it a good idea to use the Cocoon whiteboard? Or shall we go to 
> Sourceforge, Apache Labs, or even do it only internally? etc.
> I highly appreciate your comments on the proposal itself as well as on 
> the setting. Thanks.

Sound like a good proposal. I prefer that you use the Cocoon whiteboard 
instead of some external resource. I makes it easier to follow and 
possibly join the work as well as moving it back into trunk.


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