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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Broken test-cases due to missing namespace declarations
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 22:37:31 GMT
On 27.12.2007 15:00 Uhr, Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:

>> Second, that's not quite correct. Xalan 2.7.1 fixes the issue. Our
>> DOMBuilder is only a wrapper. It does not replace the Xalan DOMBuilder
>> at all.
> I'm not sure if it's only me but this wrapper is not as simple as I would like to see
it. From just
> look at the code of our wrapper it is quite hard to figure out that it uses DOMBuilder
from Xalan.

It does not just wrap Xalan's DOMBuilder. It kind of does the same but 
has a different approach: Both build a DOM from SAX events but while 
Xalan's does it directly Cocoon's DOMBuilder utilizes a 
TransformerHandler and a DOMResult for it. Additionally listening 
capability is added and XMLPipe implemented. Also Xalan's DOMBuilder is 
more a internal class, it's not part of public API. It's a public class 
but unless you want to tie your code to Xalan there is no way to 
instantiate the class. That's what you usually do using 
SAXTransformerFactory as Cocoon's DOMBuilder does or 
DocumentBuilderFactory. The names matches more or less by coincidence.

>> The fix for XALANJ-2091 is triggered by startPrefixMapping(). With
>> FlowJXPathSelectionList.generateSaxFragment() as in the test case
>> without the actual CForms framework code startPrefixMapping() is never
>> called. After I added startPrefixMapping() at the very beginning of
>> FlowJXPathSelectionList.generateSaxFragment() and endPrefixMapping() at
>> the end of it the test passed without the explicit
>> removal of the namespace attribute.

>> The question is if we really want to change all places where this
>> applies and add start/endPrefixMapping(). In theory that's the correct
>> way to do it. Another possibility to fix the tests would be to serialize
>> the XML from the actual test run and reparse it in the same way as the
>> documents we compare to.
> I opt for fixing our code by adding start/endPrefixMapping() as it seems to be the cleanest
> solution. Apart from that I think that SAX spec. enfornces on us to use these methods
if we want to
> produce proper (representing well-formed XML) stream of SAX events.

Our code is not really broken. Usually we call startPrefixMapping() in 
startDocument() methods of transformers or something like this. It's 
only broken for the test cases since we just have a look at the 
"component" to test without its "framework". From a component POV adding 
start/endPrefixMapping() is the "correct" solution to encapsulate it. 
The question I asked was only if these components will ever run outside 
of their current framework. Personally I prefer the "correct" approach 
as well.

> The only problem I can see now is that Xalan 2.7.1 is _not_ available on Maven central
> Do you have an idea how to quickly add it to repository? Should we ask Xalan people to
upload it or
> should we go for standard procedure (creating issue in Maven jira and attaching artifacts)?

I have no idea what the different ways mean in regard of getting things 
done correctly and as fast as possible. I only got the jar from 
Antonio's commit to 2.1 and put it into my local repository by copying 
2.7.0's POM.


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