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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r606743 - /cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X/tools/targets/webapp-build.xml
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 16:55:15 GMT wrote:
> Hi All,
> Cocoon-2.1 keeps applications ("samples") in the webapp directory.
> Newbies would expect to add applications to that directory.  The build
> process chooses specific files and directories to copy so new
> applications are not copied to the build directory.  The patch removed
> the list of specific files to copy the entire webapp directory.  I
> closed my Cocoon jiras because a release candidate for Cocoon-2.1.11
> is being prepared.
> Antonio asked whether ant:copy had the intelligence to understand
> binary files should not be affected by text replacement.  I have not
> studied ant to discover if the program is sane.
> This change passed my testing in May.  The jira from June survived
> without comments.  None of the comments in this thread mention real
> problems.  The discussion is that nobody trusts ant to work properly
> so this patch should be reverted because theoretical problems may
> result if the ant developers are poor programmers.  Nobody on the
> Cocoon project wants to spend five minutes testing.
> I will test more after somebody spends one minute to define the test
> expected to fail because of this patch.   The potential bug seems to
> require binary files containing strings on ant's filter list.
As Vadim has responded again: filtering should not be done on all files,
otherwise they get corrupted. And this means whenever you copy a
complete directory tree, you have to copy these files without filtering
and if you need filtering for specific files, you need to do this in a
second pass. This has been repeatedly said in this thread, so it would
be great if you could come up with a solution that honours this.
And this is independent from the fact, that currently copying all the
files with filtering on does not corrupt them - it is a potential cause
of error we would like to avoid.

Apart from that, I'm still wondering what your patch is trying to
achieve? I really hope that you are not putting your own webapp into a
Cocoon src directory and then hope for the cocoon build to pick up your
files? You claim that newbies want to put their stuff directly into the
Cocoon src/webapp directory? I never heard of this and actually I would
strongly suggest against doing so. The old way of copying the webapp
files actually prevented people from doing this - and I really prefer to
keep it this way. There are several much better ways of building own

Regarding your Jira issue: just because noone commented on it over the
last months does not mean that this one got happily accepted by
everyone. I guess it's just an oversight, I - for instance - didn't
notice this issue until you changed the code.

And, our build system is a very very fragile piece of code that caused
way too many problems over the past (one of the reasons why we changed
this for 2.2) - so it's in general not a good idea to change this
fragile piece just before a release.


Carsten Ziegeler

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