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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Servlet service request
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2007 18:08:03 GMT

Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> It may sound controversial but I think that things like information about user locale
or preferences
> should be kept in URL (preferably in path part or in request parameters). If data set
is too big,
> URL should contain an unique identifier of this data set. I mean, instead of using following
> /blog/posts/1
> and passing following information: Locale=pl-PL, Username=gkossakowski, Skin=red
> it's better to have following URL:
> /blog/languages/pl-PL/skins/red/posts/1
You would never be able to build a large, scalable application doing 
this. It also would violate security requirements if I had to put a 
users account number in the url. The session exists for a reason.
> Getting back to the topic, I tried above to proof that having a session is not essential
part of web
> application creation process.
It is.
> Whenever I think about Servlet Services Framework design first spec I have in mind is
> publications about REST that made me think about HTTP in more appropriate way). Always
and ever. The
> fact that we follow servlet specification as much as we can instead of reinventing the
wheel is good
> of course. Nevertheless, I keep HTTP and REST over servlet spec.
> I think it's worth to remind KISS rule as it fits very well in this case. If we let a
session to be
> shared at this point there will be probably no way back. Apart from SSF being a really
nice idea, I
> like to work on it becuase, in contrary to cocoon protocol, it allows much less thus
code is
> simpler, cleaner. Also, it makes me to think more about a proper design of my applications
that will
> fit into narrowed functionality. The overall result is always a better SoC, better design
> cleaner contracts. I think that limitations (but well thought through!) are our friends
not evils.
I think the answer is simple. The session needs to be shared with all 
servlets in a webapp just as the servlet spec provides. Anything less is 
going to confuse the heck out of users, lead to nothing but trouble in 
the long run and give the impression that Cocoon just tries to make 
everything hard on purpose.


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