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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: lenya 2.0 release preparation - cocoon version dependency (2.1.11?)
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 15:26:47 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler pisze:
> Juergen Ragaller wrote:
>> Hi Cocoon devs
>> The Lenya community is preparing for a lenya 2.0 release.
>> A considerable part of our testing was done against the 2.1.x trunk of
>> cocoon as the 2.1.x cocoon trunk has been very stable for quite some time.
>> We just talked about declaring either a 2.1.10 or SVN-Version 595020
>> dependency.
>> The most desirable way for us would be to ship lenya with a 2.1.11
>> dependency. Reading the cocoon dev list, I'm very much aware, that
>> you're working on a 2.2 release. Do you plan to release 2.1.11 as well
>> in the near future?
>> Thanks a lot for an orientation about the topic  ...and for this nice
>> software!
> We have no real plans or another 2.1.x release, although we talked
> briefly about it over the last year several times. I think it makes
> sense to do a 2.1.11 release as a maintenance release, especially if
> Lenya wants to use this version. However, the only problem I see right
> now is the question of the qualitify. Which means, how many people are
> using latest svn and/or have tested it?

I guess the number of peopling using HEAD of 2.1.x is pretty high. I estimation bases on several
talks with people during GT, they all have been using 2.1.x.

> If I get enough positive feedback about the current state I'm happy to
> prepare a release of 2.1.11 in December.

Thanks for offer Carsten, I will help with testing (based only on samples, though).

When we at 2.1.x, I have been wondering about freezing this branch. In a fact, it's already
dead but lots of people are still using 2.1.x. Therefore I would like to hear your opinions
calling bug-squash effort. I mean: I would prepare an announcement at our site and announcement
the user list calling our users to vote for issues they would love to have fixed. The rules
of the
game would be simple: everyone is free to present favourites on users list and encourage others
vote on their issues.

Then, if there is a decent number of volunteers, everyone could pick up an issue from the
top of the
most voted issues list and fix it? Of course issues having a patch already could go in first.

After 2.1.11 I would like to close 2.1.x branch completely.


Grzegorz Kossakowski
Committer and PMC Member of Apache Cocoon

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