Hi Joerg,

thanks for your quick reply and sorry for my delay.
On the page http://cocoon.apache.org/2.2/blocks/1204_1_1.html you wrote:
"This list of blocks hasn't been released yet. Your help is more than appreciated to make them ready for a release as Cocoon 2.2 block."
I have my focus on the performance and I think the Profiler is a tool which can help web developers to optimize their code.
But as stated on the before mentioned web page the development of this block should be supported and that's the reason, why I would like to participate.
I've started with checking out and analyzing the existing code, but I don't know, who else works on this block, is there already a design, are there timelines etc.,
so mostly organisatoric questions for the begin.

On 10/17/07 5:27 PMs, AndrĂ¡s Hatvani wrote:

> I would like to work on the Cocoon Profiler, but since I never worked
> on an open source project I have no idea where to start.
> Can you please advise me where to start?

What exactly do you have in mind? Have you already been working with it
and do you want to extent its functionality?

The first thing is usually to have a look at the open source. Therefore
get your copy from the SVN repository. Depending on the size of your
potential contribution it's a good idea to discuss about your proposal
on this list. Finally you can raise an enhancement request in our issue
tracking system Jira and attach your code/patch there. After this it's
up to us to apply the change - which unfortunately takes too often too
much time. Bugging us frequently might help ;) Most of the stuff is
explained in more detail at http://cocoon.apache.org/2.1/1177.html (not
every information in it might be up to date).

Hope this helps and gets you started.