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From hepabolu <>
Subject Re: [result][vote] Releasing from trunk: Cocoon 2.2-RC2 & others
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:19:07 GMT
Reinhard Poetz said the following on 26/10/07 18:34:
> Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
>> BTW. When can we expect new release officialy announced?
> I've started to work on it together with a "What's new in Cocoon 2.2" 
> page and hope to finish it this weekend.

Sorry to reply so late, I'm currently out of internet connection at 
home. :-(

Anyway, re 141.html:

- You state that 'Apache Cocoon is a Spring-based framework'. Shouldn't 
that be 'Since version 2.2 Apache Cocoon is a Spring-based framework' 
because earlier versions are not.

- A block is the unit of modularization
   (in comparison: Eclipse uses the term plugins, OSGi bundles) in Cocoon.

Better: A block is the unit of modularization in Cocoon
   (in comparison: Eclipse uses the term plugins, OSGi uses bundles).

Note: is that the intention: OSGi uses bundles? If not, please correct.

- Everything that goes beyond that what Cocoon provides in...

Remove the second 'that'.

- A block can provide +THE+ following features:
(add 'the')

- add commas after each list item and a dot after the last item.

- A block is packaged as +A+ Java archive (jar)
(add 'a')

- (Cocoon Configuration) It's current implementation...

should be: Its current implementation...

- (Cocoon database)
Direct usage of releational databases

should be: relational

- (Cocoon Flow)
...s for  building in...

you might as well remove the second space between 'for' and 'building'

- (Cocoon Mail)
Sitemap components to send mails

I'd prefer: emails.

- (Cocoon Maven plugin)
paching the web.xml at deployment time.

should be: patching....

Re 1420.html:

I've gone in and added a few minor changes myself. I'm not sure of the 

- General, last list item: what about it? Is it available, is it 
configurable. Please complete the sentence.

Hope this helps.

Bye, Helma

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