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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: AbstractLogEnabled...
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 15:29:15 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok I'm confused about AbstractLogEnabled business. Is it correct that 
> instead of org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.AbstractLogEnabled we 
> should be using org.apache.cocoon.util.AbstractLogEnabled [1]?
> If yes, why there are only 2 usages of the latter and around 100 usages 
> of the former? :)
> Should I go ahead and do a replacement? Or may be we should discuss it 
> first. For example, should there be an implementation of 
> enableLogging(org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Logger logger) method 
> to provide backward compatibility.

This logging thing always confuses me too (how does it come that such a simple 
thing like logging can be so painful *sig*). For me the most important aspect in 
this matter is that users shouldn't be forced to recompile their stuff if they 
don't want to.

Switching to Cocoon 2.3 (2.5 or 3.0 - whatever we will name it) will change the 
contracts for components fundamentally. This means that all exisiting components 
need to be rewritten anyway and changing logging should carry no weight.

Reinhard Pötz                            Managing Director, {Indoqa} GmbH

Member of the Apache Software Foundation
Apache Cocoon Committer, PMC member, PMC Chair

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