Hi all,

Im working in an Cocoon 2.2-RC1 web application with one block. Everything is ok when i deploy to Tomcat but im getting errors when i deploy to Weblogic 9.2. I have been looking for a workaround  or a solution and it seems the problem is the blocks are not deployed to the public web directory in the weblogic domain.

Everything points to the method "deployBlockResources" in "DeploymentUtil" class (cocoon-spring-configuratior-1.0.0.jar) is not working properly in this environment. I have been debugging the application deployed to weblogic with these discoveries:

1. Spring loads the jar configurations with zip protocol instead jar protocol, i.e.

2. In Runtime, the "URLConnection" class is a "weblogic.utils.ZipUrlConnection" not a "JarURLConnection"

Can anybody help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance.