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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: Springifying CForms
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 12:18:53 GMT
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Giacomo Pati wrote:
> Giacomo Pati wrote:
>> Hi all
>> If there is nobody working on the subject I'll spend a few hours on doing that.
> I'm done with it :-) but need an advice on a special case:
> There are some special 'custom' stuff which had been referenced in form definitions/bindings
by the
> mentioned 'class' attribute which is now replaced by a 'ref' attribute and must be a
Spring bean.
> Those classes were handled by LifecycleHelper as Avalon Components (which I've eliminated
in that
> block). Those custom classes could have implemented the Avalon Configurable interface
to get access
> to the XML snippet in the definition/binding file as a Avalon Configuration object. So
how should
> that be handled now as they are all managed by Spring?
> I have 2 possibilities:
> a) check the custom class/bean whether it has a 'setConfiguration' method by reflection
and pass
>    the DOM snipped to it
> b) extend the base interfaces (WidgetValidator, etc) to a ie. ConfigurableWidgetValidator,
>    that has that setConfiguration method to pass the DOM snipped to.

As Felix was the only one giving oppinion about stuff above, I'll implement b) which leads
to 2 new
interfaces ATM to conform semantically to Avalonian CForm version:

   ConfigurableWidgetListener extends WidgetListener and
   ConfigurableWidgetValidator extends WidgetValidator each having a method of:

      void setConfiguration(org.w3c.Element) throws Exception;

> So, a) could be said being black magic, and b) could be said being overdesigned.
> So I'd like you guys give your oppinions so that I can polish that last thing up and
> BTW: Do we create a branch of cocoon-form-(sample|impl) so that we will have a new version
for the
> sprinigied blocks?

As nobody commented on this I'll going to branch cocoon-form before I commit the sprinified
as soon as Reinhard has finished releasing. Do I have to branch each block (cocoon-forms-impl
cocoon-forms-sample) individually or is branching their upper directory (cocoon-forms) enough?


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