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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: Initial content for our custom JIRA fields
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 11:49:20 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski schrieb:
> Hi again,
> I have some good news. We have finally our custom fields for per-component versions,
> INFRA-1361[1]! Only one glitch about them is that only JIRA Admin (not Project Admin)
can edit
> values stored in this fields. Fortunately enough Carsten has necessary karma and he agreed
to manage
> them (at least to some extent, see comments on INFRA-1361).
> I decided to collect initial data that these fields should be filled with. You may want
to take into
> account that this list is NOT final by any means and feel free to add anything I forgot
about. The
> list is (I put versions in brackets):
> * Cocoon core  (2.2.0-M1, 2.2.0-M2, 2.2.0-M3, 2.2.0-RC1)
> - Components: Sitemap (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> - Components: Pipeline (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> - Expression language (1.0.0-M1)
> Blocks: Ajax (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-M3)
> Blocks: Apples (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Authentication (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Batik (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Captcha (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Databases (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Flowscript (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-M3)
> Blocks: FOP (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Forms (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-M3)
> Blocks: HTML (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Linkrewriter (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Mail (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Blocks: Template (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-M3, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Maven Block Archetype (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-M3, 1.0.0-M4, 1.0.0-M5, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Maven Webapp Archetype (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2, 1.0.0-RC1)
> Maven Cocoon plug-in (1.0.0-M1)
> Subproject: Servlet Service Fw (1.0.0-M1, 1.0.0-M2)
> Subproject: Cocoon Configuration (1.0.0)
> I hope that this covers most things.
> Carsten, when will you be able to add this list?
I can do this any day during this week (most preferably thursday or
saturday). Just to be sure, what I should do:
the idea is to add *all* version numbers to both fields, right?


Carsten Ziegeler

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