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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Springifying CForms
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:46:52 GMT
Giacomo Pati pisze:
> I don't think I can manage that until release date.

Ok, so the problem is "sovled" partly.

>> Since moving towards Spring is not trivial step I wouldn't like to see it done for
Forms 1.0.0 but
> I'm quite familiar with Spring _and_ Avalon

I didn't have your skills in mind because I'm sure they are great. ;-)
What I did have was that it's not trivial change to Forms code and it would be desirable to
version number.

>> for 1.1.0. That raises natural question: do we want to branch Forms block? I would
be in favour of
>> such solution if there is no other one.
> I could copy it to whiteboard but have to sync it with changes in trunk by hand (without
help of
> Eclipse)

That's more problem with Subversion in general than with Eclipse, IMO. It's said that Subversion
will be having some improvements in that area. As for now I recommend use of Subversive instead
Subclipse. Despite few bugs in Subversive it has much better support for multi-project commits,
merging, etc.

Speaking more generally I don't think that whiteboard is a good place. What I would like to
see is:
1. You create branch (like cocoon-forms-1.0.X) in our branches folder
2. We release subsequent candidates for 1.0.0 from that branch and maintain it for reasonably
time making few 1.0.1, 1.0.2, ..., releases.
3. Meanwhile you (and others) can work on implementing new features in trunk and when all
(or most)
features and bug fixes for 1.1.0 are in we branch it to 1.1.X, and continue work in trunk
on 1.2.X
our 2.0.0.

This would demand a little disciple from us but I think it's good way to have releases on
time and
enough freedom for innovation.


>> I think your plan is good and I will be happy to help if there are some problems
as I have been
>> Springifying some code in Cocoon, already. I'm curious if you want to completely
move away from
>> Avalon and convert whole code not only configuration handling?
> Sure, completely.


Grzegorz Kossakowski
Committer and PMC Member of Apache Cocoon

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