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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Plans on Forms block
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 14:52:59 GMT
Hi Grek, hi Jeremy,

Some thoughts on my side:
- Normally a Cocoon user doesn't have much contact with Dojo, iirc
effects and drag'n'drop.
- As a Cocoon application has to be revised switching from 2.1 to 2.2
either, Dojo changes might be checked, too.
- It would be helpful if Dojo is integratable into Cocoon in a more
standard way i.e. no (or at least at a minimum) differences to the
standard Djo distribution as necessary.
As a non-commiting reader I would be glad to see these thoughts taken
into account.


P.S. to Grek: As there hasn't been an answer to
[] I
still don't see the disadvantages of Ajax to prefer a fat-client over it :-?

> I just noticed that Jeremy Quinn would like[1] to work on migrating Forms block to Dojo
0.9 version
> at Hackathon. While I think it's very good idea (I don't like Ajax but we need to have
> working and glittering) and would like to help as much as I can (my TODO list is already
> stuffed) I believe that we should cut final release of Forms block before migrating to
Dojo 0.9.
> New Dojo's release brings a lot of incompatibilities that would impact our users too.
Therefore I
> would like to see our Forms 1.0.0 release *without* Dojo 0.9. Final release of Forms
would require
> final release of Cocoon's core so I think it's not doable to cut final release of Froms
> Hackathon. Given that, I think we should tag/branch Forms before Hackathon so people
are free to
> work on that block and focus on bringing final release of whole Cocoon afterwards.
> As we are close to final release of Cocoon core already I think branching/tagging one
block for few
> weeks wouldn't hurt.
> [1]

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