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From <>
Subject RE: New Cocoon 2.1.10 live site:
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 08:20:56 GMT
> Hola Ignacio ("Living fossil" according to Cocoon use time ;-)

:), yep we are living fossils (in more than the plain sense:/), if you want
to have a view over the old site, the real fossil one, ( yes the one done
with 1.8.2 ), you can reach it at http:/ 

> it's great seeing a Cocoon site in action, but as it is 
> completely in spanish language it's hard for most of us to 
> have a deeper look at it.

Yes it is a very local info, about laws and lawyers here, so its a nonsense
to translate it, i doubt very much that any nonspanish speaker could be
interested in it.. 

> At least I see some english errors when clicking on 
> "Registrate" or "Entrar"...

Ouch, that hurts very much, many thanks to point this out, was a rogue
cocoon.xconf downloaded from our de server ( the error was related to having
flow debugger enabled in a "headless" machine )

> Do you plan to translate or do you have some documentation? 
> This would be great as you surely have had much work to get there!

As i said before, doesnt have any plans to translate it, and of course,
given that it's a "in house" development.., probably will lack manuals for a
long time, at least development ones..

But if you are interested, i can make a brief description of what's going
on... For now..

Ignacio J. Ortega

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