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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Outerthought releases Daisy 2.1
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:34:59 GMT
We're very happy to announce today the 2.1 release of Daisy, our  
flagship open source CMS. The 2.1 release contains numerous feature  
additions and productivity enhancements, and is the result of Daisy  
being used in an increasing number of real-world projects by both  
Outerthought and selected partners.

Most notable additions are:

  * a new Spring-based runtime container for the document repository  
that makes developing additional or third-party components a lot  
easier, backed also by a simplified build setup
  * support for document variables, i.e. for managing parametrized  
  * the addition of a document pre-save interaction hook which can be  
used for eSignature support in controlled authoring environments
  * a WYSIWYG (HTML-based) document version diffing tool which has  
been developed in collaboration with the Google Summer of Code program
  * various important improvements of the Daisy query language and  
publishing environment

For existing users of Daisy, this list is but a concise summary of a  
lot of other changes and improvements - a full list is available from  
the installation instructions on the Daisy website  
Since we kept mostly silent (due to business) about the preceding  
Daisy 2.0 release, we would also like to point out that Daisy  
supports jBPM-based workflow and sports a set of content migration  
tools since then.

The development of Daisy 2.1 has been supported in parts by customer  
projects, by a number of funding customers, and by Outerthought  
itself. We wish to thank all parties involved in the continued growth  
of Daisy, and the ever-increasing user community.

All things Daisy can be found at

Steven Noels                  
Outerthought                              Open Source Java & XML
stevenn at                stevenn at

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