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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject RIA technologies - which technology will "win"
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 23:31:41 GMT
Unfortunately, that is not true of all environments. Many large 
organizations such as governments and big corporations will not allow 
their users to install ANY plugins to their browsers for security 
reasons. A team of testers has to examine every piece of software 
installed on the network and approve it. Getting variances for a 
particular application is beyond most people's level of bureaucratic 
tolerance. And since providing their employees access to sites like 
Youtube is pretty low on these organizations' radar, a Flash player is 
not something that it is easy to get passed as an accepted piece of 
software unless they have purchased other software that requires it. And 
THAT is unlikely because developing software for large organizations 
that requires Flash causes this major friction point for sales. For 
Flash, it is a vicious circle.

Given how much development is paid for by large organizations, I think 
it unlikely any RIA technology will become dominant unless it is 
embedded in something else. That means SilverLight embedded in the 
browser with the most market share; JavaFX embedded in the JRE since 
many of these organizations see Java as mission critical; or Ajax, 
support for which is already embedded into existing browsers. Of these, 
Ajax is the only technology that is currently generally available within 
these large organizations.

Just thought I'd offer another perspective.

Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> I'm taking installation issues into consideration but if your application is worth downloading
> installing some VM people will do it. As long as it's matter of one-click installation
people will
> do it even if they will have to go for a five minutes break caused by download size.

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