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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: FYI: Expression language Daisy site created
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:51:40 GMT
Reinhard Poetz pisze:
> thanks Grek for taking care for documentation too!

No problem. If we are serious about switching to the unified expressions documentation is
a must.

> I'm happy that the refered documentation about our documentation was
> good enough for you to create a new documentation module (= Daisy site).
> Though in this particular case I don't think that we should create
> seperate doc modules. Some time ago we (= at least Helma and I) agreed
> that we don't do this for *core* documentation because this part will be
> in flux for some time.

I must have missed that discussion and I regret I haven't asked before doing anything.

> Do you mind if I move the docs that you created to the core documentation?

I'm fine with whatever you believe is the best. All I wanted was EL to appear on this nice
list: :-)

I hope that EL documentation will have separate navigation or at least it's own node so there
be possibility to add more documents even there is no separate site.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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