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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: cocoon-template incompatible change
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:45:45 GMT
Leszek Gawron skrev:
> Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
>> Leszek Gawron pisze:
>> I remember that I have read that discussion and I agree that there 
>> was no clear consensus.
>> I also remember that there were several folks expressing their 
>> opinion that jx should as far from
>> imperative programming language as possible. I second that opinion so 
>> I'm quite concerned with your
>> example. It is a programming language.
>> XSLT lives without such constructs so could you give us a use case 
>> for this one?
We should leave the behaviour of JXTG exactly as is. The template 
framework (yes it actually is designed to be a framework even if we 
haven't used this) makes it easy to create a new template language. So 
if you don't like the way JXTG is designed you should design a new 
template language that has an own generator and an own namespace.

> I never used one like this :) Still the problem remains as not every 
> cocoon user knows xslt and the example I gave would feel natural for him.
>> Nevertheless, we need to fix scoping now so we really need to gather 
>> some consensus when new local
>> context should be established.
> My proposal is:
> No new scope for:
> - any plain xml element (namespaced or not). by plain I mean not macro 
> invocation.
> - jx:import without context set
> - formatting instructions (jx:formatDate, jx:formatNumber)
> New strict scope for (strict scope - no inheritance, still all 
> cocoon.* should be available):
> - jx:call (same for <macroName/> invocation)
> - jx:import context="${bean}"
> - jx:macro
> New inherited scope for:
> - jx:forEach
> - jx:if ??
> - jx:choose/jx:when/jx:otherwise ??
> last two (jx:if, jx:choose) are currently NOT scoped.
We had a discussion about what to have in a new CTemplate language, see Maybe it is 
time to review if the ideas there still holds and then continue the work 
on creating a CTemplate language.


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