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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Division of Cocoon's JIRA project
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 14:32:51 GMT
Hey Vadim,

Vadim Gritsenko schrieb:
>> The answer is: no. It should start to search for 
>> cocoon-forms-impl:1.0.0-RC2 or cocoon-forms-impl:1.0.0.
> Open COCOON-2091, remove 'fix version', add comment: 'Fixed in 
> cocoon-forms-impl:1.0.0-RC2', done. Personally, I'd not sweat over it 
> that much - it's not that big of a deal.
> Vadim
Well, there is even a nicer way to do this. Depending on which edition 
of JIRA Apache has, you could add a Custom field "Fix Version 
(Component)" and "Affects Version (Component)". You should be able to do 
searches and filters on the field then.

In fact, I was asking myself of users would provide such detailled 
information anyway when they post a new issue. Even if internally, the 
software is made of components, a user will still download a version in 
the future - on a user's perspective, the bug will be affecting a cocoon 
version and not a component version.

So maybe its more in the responsibily of the developers to recognize and 
manage the component version anyway... in that case the custom field 
solution seem to be enough in my opinion.

Another remark on the splitted JIRA projects approach: what about issues 
covering more than one component (for example, feature requests)? Or 
where the reporting user does not know which components the error 
belongs to? Or where the components are not existing yet?

In that case it is much easier to correct the information when the 
issues are all in one project where you can add the component(s) 
affected by the issue.



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