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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Division of Cocoon's JIRA project
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2007 15:54:46 GMT
I feel a need to do some deFUDging here...

Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> On the other hand, current situation is also rather unacceptable because 
> our current versions defined in JIRA do mean /nothing/. We all agree we 
> need separate (and more often, sight...) release cycles and this *must* 
> be expressed in JIRA.

Why? I don't see any relation. Moreover, we can stop using Jira completely and 
still merrily do all our releases, with independent release cycles for all 
components. Jira does not help nor impede our ability to do so.

> I would hazard a guess that impossibility to plan independent releases 
> in JIRA, assign issues to specific version will be main cause for 
> failing to do independent releases.

We agreed long ago to do more time based releases and less feature based 
releases. There is no need for Jira to plan time based releases.

Moreover, there is also no need for Jira to plan feature based releases as well. 
You can as easily use status.xml (see todo section) to track features needed for 
a particular release.

> I may speaking about obvious things, 
> but possibility to assign bugs to specific versions can improve 
> situation both on developer's and user's. We could have a better idea of 
> what's need to be done before we can release specific piece of code and 
> our users would have a better idea when a specific issue will get fixed 
> and how far we are from releasing something.
> I'm depressed...

Don't be. Think of a bright side - status.xml is easier and faster to edit than 
Jira! :)


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