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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Division of Cocoon's JIRA project
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 18:24:04 GMT
Hi Nils,

Nils Kaiser pisze:
> And of course the most voted one was missing:
> - Support for subcomponents 
> (198 votes)
> Nils Kaiser schrieb:
>> By following the discussion I had a look wether JIRA people are 
>> planning to add some support in that direction and in fact there are 
>> some issues related to this:
>> - Support for Product 
>> Suites / Sub-Projects (22 votes)
>> - Ability to add versions to 
>> components (18 votes)
>> While this does not add any solution to the problem, you could all 
>> vote for the issue or comment it. There are also a lot of duplicates...

Thanks for providing us this info.

The situation looks quite depressing as this issue seems to not going to be addressed in near

future. People's comments already expressed concerns about multiple projects approach. They
Dashboard page and cause management problems because projects that are related when it comes
functionality and making releases completely lack this information in JIRA. It's exactly an
which what Ralph raised[1].

On the other hand, current situation is also rather unacceptable because our current versions

defined in JIRA do mean /nothing/. We all agree we need separate (and more often, sight...)
cycles and this *must* be expressed in JIRA.

I would hazard a guess that impossibility to plan independent releases in JIRA, assign issues
specific version will be main cause for failing to do independent releases. I may speaking
obvious things, but possibility to assign bugs to specific versions can improve situation
both on 
developer's and user's. We could have a better idea of what's need to be done before we can
specific piece of code and our users would have a better idea when a specific issue will get
and how far we are from releasing something.

I'm depressed...


Grzegorz Kossakowski
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