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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Introduction of cocoon-container core module
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2007 10:50:05 GMT

I'm playing with COCOON-2110 at the moment and run into problem with writing test for new

Our current code is messed a little when it comes to modules affilation. For example, our

Avalon-Spring bridge[1] code is in cocoon-sitemap-impl module. Tests[2] for functionality

(PreparedVariableResolver class) belonging to cocoon-sitemap are in cocoon-core. This two
are the most prominent but there are some more.

I'm especially interested in PreparedVariableResolverTestCase because I want to write tests
for my 
code handling new expression evaluation. I need dependency on cocoon-expression-language-impl
cocoon-core, of course. The problem is that cocoon-expression-language-impl already depends
cocoon-core because it makes use of o.a.c.CocoonTestCase defined in core. This introduces
an cyclic 

Similar situation occurs when I want to move PreparedVariableResolverTestCase to the 
cocoon-sitemap-impl module. Having said that I would like to propose introduction of new core
'cocoon-container' where I would move our Avalon-Spring bridge, base TestCases and other related

This way we should have cleaner dependencies and more freedom when it comes to moving stuff.
already played with such approach locally and as for now it seems to work well.

Thoughts? Objections?

PS. I'll start to commit this stuff really soon because I need it know. If someone objects
and give 
other solution I'll be fine to revert my work.


Grzegorz Kossakowski

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