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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject [vote result] Let our environment abtractions extend the http servlet ones
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 15:58:27 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom skrev:
> I would like o.a.c.environment.[Request|Response|Session] to extend 
> javax.servlet.http.Http[ServletRequest|ServletResponse|Session] 
> respectively.
> I don't want this to collide with releasing 2.2, so I'll wait with 
> introducing the changes if there is any risk for that.

* +1 votes from Reinhard, Grzegorz, Jorg and me

* +1 votes for doing it in C2.2 with a detailed proposal about how to 
handle deprecation 
( from Alfred 
and Vadim

* +1 votes for doing it in C2.3 from Felix and Joerg

It is not completely obvious what to do from this. But given that we 
handle deprecation according to Alfred's proposal, 6 persons voted for 
my original proposal of doing the changes in 2.2 (given that it is not 
interfering with the release) and no one voted against it. As no one has 
volunteered to do the release until mid September, it will not interfere 
with the release.

So I will implement my proposal with Alfred's deprecation scheme in the 
beginning of next week.


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