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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [vote] Let our environment abtractions extend the http servlet ones
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 07:46:02 GMT
Joerg Heinicke skrev:
> On 04.08.2007 9:03 Uhr, Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> I don't want this to collide with releasing 2.2, so I'll wait with 
>> introducing the changes if there is any risk for that.
> Can you please clarify what exactly this vote is now about?
It is about "letting our environment abtractions extend the http servlet 
ones" in Cocoon 2.2. But with the extra condition that if we start the 
process of releasing RC2 soon, we wait with the environment 
modifications until 2.3.

Now Reinhard will not be able to take care about the release until mid 
September as earliest. And no ones else has volunteered. So currently it 
seem like that I would have plenty of time to introduce and test the 
environment changes before a new release (given that we agree about 
doing it).
> To do it at all thought we had already decided that some time ago)?
As it requires a non-compatible API change a vote is needed (although a 
lazy vote maybe would have been enough). I don't remember that we have 
voted about it.
> To do it with upcoming 2.2 or in 2.3? What made me wonder was 
> Reinhard's mentioning of not having announced 2.2 RC 1 yet (what I 
> found a rather lame excuse ;) ).
As long as we clearly document the change in the release note, I don't 
see that it would be such a problem.
> Anyway, +1 for me to do it in 2.3. We can deprecate them now in 2.2.
Unfortunately it is more complicated than that. The non-compatible 
change is that Request.getSession switches return value from 
o.a.c.environment.Session to javax.servlet.http.HttpSession and that 
Request.getCookie switch return value from o.a.c.environment.Cookie to 
javax.servlet.http.Cookie. You, of course, cannot have a method with two 
different return types. So there is no point in deprecating 
Request.getSession and Request.getCookie in 2.2 as we not will have any 
replacements until 2.3 in that case. So the deprecation mechanism is 
AFAICS not applicable.

So as this change cannot be done in steps, users will need to update 
their code directly, be it in 2.2 or 2.3. So are not simplifying 
anything by waiting. And by introducing the changes we will greatly 
simplify integration between Cocoon and other servlet frameworks. So 
lets do this ASAP!


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